• 1 April 2023



The human body has to process many toxins and waste products. Detoxification with natural vital substances can help. Among other things, the liver needs support.

Every one of us knows the feeling of having overeaten. We feel heavy and tired after a sumptuous meal. And it is the same with our body when it has absorbed too many harmful toxins from food and the environment over a long period of time. Many substances that we feed our body make it work hard, slow us down and rob us of energy. Researchers estimate, based on studies, that the average person today has a minimum of 700 different known toxins stored in their blood, skin, fatty tissue, liver, and digestive tract and other organs.

"There are usually more toxins and waste products entering the body these days than it can possibly handle. In addition, our modern diet is mostly characterised by a lack of vital substances and an undersupply of important nutrients. If you also feed your body alcohol, cigarettes, little sleep and lots of sweets and fast food, you should not be surprised about a lack of drive and a bad mood," says Frank Felte, founder and owner of Natura Vitalis, one of the best-known and leading manufacturers of natural vital substances and food supplements in Germany (www.naturavitalis.de). The company is based in Essen and places the highest value on continuous further and new developments of health products on a scientific basis.

But what can we do about it? A purification cure helps the body to rid itself of accumulated waste products, toxins and even excess pounds. A purification has a liberating effect and relieves the whole organism: from the liver to the intestines and kidneys to the lymphatic system. Speaking of the liver: "The liver is our detoxification organ no. 1. Around 300 billion liver cells filter 2000 litres of blood every day. Without our liver, we would have no chance of survival. So it makes a lot of sense to additionally support this high-performance organ. Our liver therefore has a central task for all related further energy and fat metabolism functions in our body", says Frank Felte. Natura Vitalis has developed the product "Heparan Royale" to support this vital organ.

Frank Felte also knows the following from practical experience: "A purification does not only offer benefits to the whole body, but literally makes a new person out of us. Because detoxing can also have a very positive effect on the soul and inner peace. Detoxing has a positive effect on body and mind and conjures up a positive aura in a completely natural way. Along the way, a few superfluous pounds will also fall off. A detox cure not only leads to a dream figure, but also regulates the digestion,

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